In order to deliver your branded rider apps "Powered by Cosmic" and to make sure your dashboard is structured correctly, we request you complete the form below.


Please be aware of the different requirements based on the Apple App and Google Play Stores.

App name:

Be simple, catchy, compelling and easy-to-understand;
Communicate the key purpose of your app;
Be up to 30 characters long*;**
Differ from competitors’ app names;
Exclude generic terms, popular app titles, special characters (e.g. #, @), prices, as well as celebrity names, trademarked terms and other protected words.


It should be compelling to encourage users to explore your product page and download your app;
It should be limited to 30 characters;
It shouldn’t include generic descriptions, for example, “world’s best app.” Title and subtitle together provide 60 characters for you to get through to your users. Focus on your distinctive features or typical uses;
Subtitles have to comply with App Store’s standard metadata rules. Avoid misleading or false product claims or inappropriate content, and never exploit competitor’s apps by any means.

Icon sizes:

The App Store requires that app publishers provide icons of different sizes for every device they support. A large icon is meant to be used on the App Store, while small icons are designed to be displayed on the Home screen and throughout the user device after the app is downloaded and installed.

Below you can find size requirements for icons on the App Store:

Icon attributes:

To be eligible for the App Store, icons have to meet the following specifications:

Format: PNG;
Color space: sRGB or P3 (see Color Management);
Layers: flattened with no transparency;
Resolution: varies. See Image Size and Resolution;
Shape: square with no rounded corners.

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