Earning potential is highly dependent on market and seasonality. Most markets go through waves of heavy usage, so the law of averages is important when factoring and calculating how much you could potentially earn from shared and clean mobility.

At Cosmic the earning potential is calculated based on global averages of $2.47 per ride and an average of 3 rides per day per scooter, though the averages change based on vehicle type. For example shared e-bikes in a market with a high and concentrated amount of gig delivery drivers. May yield less per ride but more frequent and consistent usage.

Franchisee: 100% Rev - Cost of operations will be defined with a Shared Mobility Specialist
2.47 value per ride x 3 rides per day x 30 days (x = size of your fleet) = Your Monthly Earnings

If you had 100 vehicles that would equal $22,230 per month in gross rider revenue.
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