What is the price to invest?
The cost to purchase vehicles is $800 per vehicle including 6 months of SIM Data, Monitoring and Insurance. The minimum to invest is $7500 though we have a micro-investor program where you can invest as little as $1,000.

I have less than the minimum amount to invest. Am I able to?
We are currently running an invite only micro-investor program in which you can invest as little as $1,000. We did this because we were getting hundreds of requests to allow smaller passive investments. Typically if you are purchasing just 1 or 2 vehicles to share, we will reserve them for rentals vs. free floating though that is not always the case.

Is there an office to meet at?
Cosmic has closed our offices due to the global pandemic. Our team works remotely but it gives us the advantage to provide better service to our partners. When things normalize we will reopen our offices in Medellin and potentially Bogota.

We are always available to have video calls and we are here to help you succeed. In some cities we are available to meet in person but it is greatly dependant on the state of the world and the rules of each individual city.

How much can I earn?
Cosmic vehicles earn 12-20% of their value. For example if you had a fleet of 10 scooters you would be earning approximately $800-1,000 USD per month. Under normal conditions everything after month 10 is profit.

How are my vehicles and income being protected?
It starts with more rugged robust vehicles that are actually designed for sharing and a multi-responsibility usage model. It’s also insured for 90% of the vehicle's value and you get that for the first 6 months for free. Our insurance partner in Latin America is Sura.

But deeper than that is a stack of knowhow and smart tools to decrease vehicle loss and increase profits unique to Cosmic.

Through actual operational experience we discovered that human error was leading to expensive mistakes.

We rebuilt shared vehicle fleet operations from the ground up and created an automated routing system to make sure vehicles are being secured and protected against downtime or theft which impacts revenue.

Who manages my vehicles?
Cosmic helps place your scooters with local trained and certified operators from around the world who have track records of success with logistics and fleet management and maintenance. You sit back and watch your vehicles in real time earning you money every time someone rides.

Am I buying locally or globally?
With Cosmic you are buying locally or globally. The choice is yours though we do make recommendations based on current market conditions and quantity of partners in a specific community or region. Our objective is to amplify your earning potential. Many times if we have an operation in the city you live in that is the best place for you to invest in clean mobility.

Who operates the vehicles and manages government relationships?
Cosmic and our operating partners manage relationships and permits with local government and businesses.

How can I trust you guys?
Cosmic was founded in 2018 with our own money before getting leading VCs such as Zoma, BHP, Engie, Chile Global Ventures, Endurance, Entel and others. As the first shared scooter company is Colombia, we have had the privilege to help launch shared mobility for billion dollar companies like Glovo.

But most importantly we have 35 partners just like you around the world who together represent more than 1,500 shared vehicles.

I Am Ready to Get Started as a Shared and Clean Mobility Passive Investor… What’s Next?

Getting started is as simple as placing your order... Message the chat and we will share a purchase link with you.
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